Transforming Special Education

Welcome to Take Flight!

At Take Flight, we’ve set our sights high. Our mission is to redefine and enhance the landscape of special education. We believe in the extraordinary potential of every child, including those with special needs, has the potential to soar and become an active, valued member of their community. Our innovative model is the bridge between their dreams and reality.

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Our Mission

To enhance educational support within school systems and families, we focus on refining service delivery. Our approach involves empowering internal special education teams through the TF lens model, contributing to the improvement and transformation of their services. We actively provide direct specialized education services to families. These services encompass social skills groups, monthly social clubs, and summer camps. Additionally, our consulting services for families involve a comprehensive range, including individualized education plans (IEPs) and records review with recommendations, an annual consulting package, and parent coaching. Our mission is to create an inclusive environment that enables students with disabilities not only to dream but also to soar as active members of their communities.

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Seeing Superpowers in Special Needs

Special needs are not limitations; they’re superpowers waiting to be unleashed. We envision a world where these unique abilities are celebrated and harnessed, where each child’s individuality is a source of strength and inspiration.

Message from our Founder

My goal is to empower students with the essential skills to actively engage in our community. As someone who has personally experienced the challenges and opportunities of raising a child with special needs, creating Take Flight is deeply personal to me. My aim is to witness students thriving in diverse industries within a workforce that embraces individuals with disabilities through the help of our organization.

My vision is to see students secure opportunities and jobs that grant independence to support themselves and lead self-sufficient lives. Genuine inclusion means a community where individuals with disabilities are integral, not on the periphery – a community where they contribute to both the public and private sectors. It’s a community where they work, socialize, and enjoy their best lives.

I approach each student as if they were my own child, and my mission is to enhance the quality of life for children with disabilities.

Vision: Transforming Special Education To Improve Student Outcomes

Innovating special education services in school systems to improve outcomes for students with disabilities by providing evidence-based direct services to children and building the capacity of families by consulting, training, and facilitating workshops.

Mission: Engaging School Systems and Families for Inclusive Education

Take Flight aims to capacitate school systems to deliver sustainable, quality, and effective programming across the continuum for students with disabilities. And to empower families through increased education and awareness to help them navigate special education.